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Message from Director

Assalamualaikum WBT and Greetings to all,

First and foremost, I would like to thank visitors surfing the Institute for Mathematical Research (INSPEM), UPM official website. Welcome to our website.

The Institute for Mathematical Research (INSPEM), UPM was established in 2002 and entrusted to conduct research along with the scope of Mathematical Foundations, Literacy, and Computational Analysis. The primary function of the establishment of INSPEM is to create critical mass of researchers in high-end mathematical research areas, providing the latest mathematical research facility, become a reference centre for mathematical research, disseminating mathematical research information to public and private sectors, create training facilities for young researchers and to establish collaborations with researchers and research institutions within and outside the country.

Entering its 18 year of establishment, the institute has now grown rapidly with various mathematical researches conducted at INSPEM. INSPEM has been instrumental in positioning UPM visibility with regards to QS Subject Ranking – Mathematics. For the years 2017, 2018 and 2019, UPM is ranked in the bracket 201 – 250. Moreover, as of July 2020, 250 students have graduated from INSPEM (i.e. PhD-124 and MSc-126) from various countries across the globe. INSPEM alumni consists high ranking officials in their respective countries as well as subject matter experts conducting active research worldwide.

Along the timeline of INSPEM’s existence, together with the emergence of I.R 4.0, INSPEM produced research within constructive analytics for cryptology, data analytics as well as quantitative instrumentation and visualization frameworks. INSPEM researchers dwelled on the whole spectrum of Research and Development and Commercialization and Innovation (R&D&C&I);   covering foundation research, system integration, prototyping, commercialization, industrial consultation, and designing of national policies. As such, INSPEM has managed to position itself as a premier centre for research.

To delve into Research and Development on the “physical layer” without diving deep into the constructive analytics foundations will most probably result in deliverables that are at most “high-end user innovators”. The development of 5G at Huawei is a testament to this fact. The constructive analytics surrounding polar codes made the 5G deployment a reality. INSPEM also notes that on 10 July 2020, an article in the Malay daily Sinar Harian entitled “Mathematics, AI strengthens China status”. It stated that “The crisis between the two world super powers China and the United States of America has now entered a phase revolving around the ability to master mathematics related to AI technology within the applications involving industrialization, global finance, trade, telecommunication, warfare and computing”. 

Currently, INSPEM has 5 laboratories namely Laboratory of Cryptography, Analysis and Structure, Laboratory of Computational Statistics and Operations Research, Laboratory of Computational Sciences and Mathematical Physics, Laboratory of Ethnomathematics and Didactics and Laboratory of Statistical and Computational Services. These laboratories synergize between each other in order facilitate research activities within UPM. The laboratories are audited annually to ensure quality service for aspiring researchers.

It is hoped that all the above mentioned efforts (and many more) at INSPEM, UPM will bring Malaysia a step closer to realize Malaysia’s Vision 2020 sixth challenge, that is establishing a scientific and progressive society, a society that is innovative and forward-looking, one that is not only a consumer of technology but also a contributor to the scientific and technological civilisation of the future.

To this end, I hope you will find our website helpful. We regularly update the website in order to ensure relevant information for our visitors. We will be glad to assist any inquiries that you might have. Finally, I wish all our visitors great health, increased productivity and the best of opportunities in your future undertakings.


Prof.Dr. Muhammad Rezal Kamel Ariffin
Director of INSPEM
Institute for Mathematical Research



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